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Why use Okanagan Home Buyer Services to buy your next home?

Okanagan Home Buyer Services offers you all of the traditional services that a mortgage broker, real estate agent, and lawyer would provide, but with increased efficiencies as a result of working in the same location and sharing information. This means quicker service, legal support throughout, and no fees! Watch our promotional video to learn more.

How can Okanagan Home Buyer Services provide all of these services at no charge to the Home Buyer?

The best part about working with Okanagan Home Buyer Services – besides the convenience, protection, and efficiency – is that you don’t pay any fees! What does this mean and how do we do it?

Real Estate Agent

Most sellers will list their home for sale through a real estate brokerage. As a term of this agreement, it is typical that the seller agrees to pay a commission to the buyer’s real estate agent upon completion of the transaction. That way you get great service from our real estate agent without having to pay a thing!

Mortgage Broker

At Okanagan Home Buyer Services, our mortgage broker is paid a commission from the lender. This means that you get a mortgage that best suits your financial situation without having to pay our mortgage broker to find it for you!


When you engage a lawyer, there are two components to any legal bill: disbursements and fees. Disbursements are the costs that a lawyer has to pay to obtain information on your behalf. For example, a lawyer is charged when he or she obtains a State of Title Certificate from the Land Title Office. This nominal charge is then attached to your legal bill. The second part of a legal bill comes in the form of a lawyer’s fees. This is the money charged to you as a client for the lawyer’s time, knowledge, and services. Generally, a lawyer’s fees correspond with the lawyer’s expertise and the complexity of the transaction. However, with Okanagan Home Buyer Services, our lawyer’s fees are paid by our real estate agent and mortgage broker when you complete your home purchase! As a result, you get legal protection throughout your home purchase, without having to worry about our lawyer’s fees!

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